Core Services

New generation RDP housing
– Services & top structures.

Affordable & integrated housing
– Full turnkey Developments.

Student housing & accommodation
– Full turnkey developments.

General construction.

Our company has been BBEE rated as per the BBEE Act (Act no. 53 of 2003) and codes of good practice (published in 2007)

Additional Services

Development planning

Engineering & civil services

Electrical services

Water reticulation & sanitation

Roads & pavements


Project management

Economic evaluation & planning of projects

Our Approach

Barzani has the capacity to successfully execute contracts in high volumes whilst operating simultaneously on several different construction sites across regional borders and have proven that this will not compromise our high values.

Barzani is a major contributor to the value chain in the housing industry in South Africa. The company contributes by using raw and processed material in the process of manufacturing its final product, for example, sand, cement and bricks. The combination in which these materials are used together does not only show creativity and skill, but also dedication in the quest to be successful in the production of its final product. Taking this into consideration, it is evident that Barzani does not only add value in terms of its final product but also uplifts the community in terms of job creation and subsequently human dignity.